ESMAR is an educational program that offers a challenging performance goal for advanced teenage and adult students who wish to continue their music education beyond the requirements of the OMTA Level X Syllabus. Students are eligible by studying with an active OMTA teacher, or a non-member teacher who has paid the non-member exam fee.

Current OMTA teachers who wish to further develop their own piano skills in advanced repertoire, keyboard theory and technique are also welcome to participate.

The program culminates in a non-graded, 90-minute individual assessment/master class with a college teacher who has a doctorate in music. ESMAR students have the opportunity to perform in a group recital at the end of the assessment day. Find upcoming ESMAR dates on our calendar page.

Questions? Contact Lorraine Alner, NCTM.


ESMAR Curriculum Requirements
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ESMAR Student Study Record
ESMAR Blocked Chord Routine
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