COVID-19 Policy for 2021 Sonatina Festival

The festival will be conducted in person. It is strongly recommended that individuals who are unvaccinated or who are at risk for severe COVID-19 disease wear a mask or face covering and maintain physical distancing of at least six (6) feet from other individuals when in crowded areas and in large gatherings of individuals. This in-person requirement will be updated as needed, in keeping with current guidelines from the CDC and OHA, as per OMTA policy. Hand sanitizer will be placed beside each piano for students to use before and after performing. In addition, the keys will be sanitized between performers according to University of Oregon policy and procedure. Do not attend the festival if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness.

proud-piano-studentThe OMTA Sonatina Festival is a competitive biennial event, taking place every other year. The festival occurs in October in Eugene. Refer to “Festival Information” below for details.The Sonatina Festival is designed to give students of high school age and younger the opportunity to study Sonatinas/Sonatas from various composers, periods, and styles, and to compete in a state event.The required repertoire list is published in January the same year of the Sonatina Festival. All students within the same level perform the same piece. Refer to “Festival Information” and “Required Repertoire List” for detailed guidelines.Students will perform before an adjudicator in a private audition and will receive a written evaluation of their performance. The top two performers in each level will perform their pieces again in a competitive Honors Recital that is open to the public.

Information and Registration

Forms are in PDF format – readable with the free Adobe Reader.Festival Information Required Repertoire List Registration Form (available August 9, 2021 on Leggiero)Questions? Contact Rebekah Carter, NCTM or Sandy Hull, NCTM.