proud-piano-studentThe Sonatina Festival has been moved to an every-other-year format. The next Sonatina Festival takes place in October 2021. The repertoire list will be posted in January 2021.

The Sonatina Festival is designed to give students of high school age and younger the opportunity to learn and perform beautiful music from various composers, periods and styles.

Students will perform before a judge, compete with other students and receive a written critique of their performance.

This festival is unique in that all students from each level will perform the same sonata/sonatina, and the whole festival takes place in one day. A public recital is held at the end in which the winners of each level perform and trophies are presented.

Although the festival is a wonderful opportunity, the process of learning the pieces in itself can be very enriching and helpful to teachers as well as students.

Information and Registration

Forms are in PDF format – readable with the free Adobe Reader.

Festival Information
Repertoire List
Registration Form (not yet available)

Questions? Contact Rebekah Carter, NCTM or Fern McArthur, NCTM.