MusicLink is a national non-profit foundation, with an affiliate in Oregon, that provides support to music teachers who offer scholarships to students in financial need.

If you are already teaching a student at half or less of your normal fee, you may register yourself and your student for MusicLink and begin to take advantage of the many benefits offered, including:

  • Reimbursement of education-related expenses (scores, strings, metronome, etc.)
  • Reimbursement of Syllabus, Festival, competition fees
  • Discounts or free music and materials from major publishers and local music stores
  • Free or discounted concert tickets
  • Free piano tunings (in some areas of Oregon)
  • Scholarship opportunities for summer camps and continuing education
  • Scholarship awards

Would you like to help a promising student who has financial needs? Ask to be placed on our list of potential teachers. You would never be obligated to accept a student, merely agree to be contacted to consider a candidate.

More information

MusicLink Foundation website

Questions? Contact Dr. Debra Sostrin, Oregon MusicLink State Coordinator


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