composer and guitarThe Composition Festival is a non-competitive music festival that provides young composers with an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Open to students from beginner through post-college adult levels, compositions of all musical styles and instrumentation are welcome!

At the district level students submit their compositions for written suggestions by an adjudicator. Each district has a different submission deadline. For information about your district Composition Festival, contact your district chairperson or check district websites at: Some districts also have a Composition Festival recital where students perform their pieces. Adjudicators recognize students with the most outstanding compositions as Honored Composers. These students are invited to advance to the OMTA State Composition Festival to share their works and hear the compositions of other student composers from all over Oregon. Students need to enter their District Composition Festival and be chosen as an Honored Composer to be eligible for entry to the State Composition Festival.

The Composition Festival is open to any student composer studying with a teacher who is an active member in good standing with OMTA or a non-member teacher who has paid the non-member fee for the event.

There is also a national student composition competition sponsored by the Music Teachers National Association.

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Composition Festival Information

Questions? Contact Dianne Davies.

2022 Composition Festival Honored Composers Recital

  • Nolan Wattenburger, age 7, student of Sarah Milburn, Time Traveling (piano solo)
  • Ariana Hanson, age 8, student of Craig Hanson, Bunnies’ Adventure (piano solo)
  • Melody Proudfoot, age 10, student of Winifred Kerner, EvEryThing “E” EnsEmblE (ensemble)
  • Miranda Miranda, age 12, student of Phyllis Peterson, Las Tres Lunas (piano solo) *not included in online recital playlist
  • Valentina Gaspar, age 13, student of Laura Davis, Golden Firefly (piano solo)
  • Pearl Carter, age 14, student of Alexis Gibbons, Rue (piano solo)
  • Eden Enky, age 15, student of Sarah Milburn, Evening Dance (piano solo)
  • Corinna Lobscheid, age 17, student of Roseanne Smith, Perpetua (violin cello duet )
  • Jaden Larson, age 18, student of Heidi Evans, Prelude to the Wind in Bb Major (piano solo)
  • Mary Johnson-Armstrong, adult student, student of Paul Safar, The Quiet of Snow in Winter (piano solo)

District Forms

Forms are in PDF format – readable with the free Adobe Reader.

OMTA District Composition Festival Chairperson Checklist
Adjudicator Instructions
Composer Evaluation Form (District Level)
District Honored Composers List

State Forms

Student Application (State Level)
OMTA District Composition Festival Report