Click below to access an extensive list of music educators via our parent organization, Music Teachers National Association. You may search and sort by location and teaching specialty.

Why Study With an OMTA Teacher

OMTA members are private studio teachers and college music faculty across Oregon and parts of Washington and California. They represent a wide variety of teaching styles and approaches, and all share a commitment to quality music education.

OMTA teachers offer their students extraordinary benefits provided by OMTA. For example, performance opportunities abound, ranging from studio recitals and local events to Statewide Festivals and state, regional, and national Competitions.

Additional benefits include Syllabus––our popular, optional graded curriculum; a large number of Scholarships, and for those who need some financial assistance, the MusicLink program.

National Certification

All of our teachers are well-trained and dedicated; however, some have taken the additional step of becoming Nationally Certified Teachers of Music. You will find the initials NCTM by their names.