Anastasia Kitaev, NCTM, Chair

Certification Sub Chair

Sarah Ball, NCTM


Dr. Julia Lee, Chair

MTNA Commissioned Composer & OMTA Composer of the Year Search

Lisa Marsh

MTNA Composition Competition

Dianne Davies

MTNA Performance Competitions

Dr. Julia Lee

Petri Scholarship Competition

Dr. Julia Lee


Heidi Evans, NCTM, Chair


Dr. Janet Pollack, Chair

Baroque Festival

Gayle Bland, NCTM

Competitive Student Scholarships

Irene Huang, NCTM, Co-Chair
Leslie Chen, Co-Chair

Composition Festival

Dianne Davies

Composition Scholarship

Daniel A. Brugh

Ensemble Festival

Dr. Genevieve Mason, Co-Chair
Dr. Janet Pollack, Co-Chair

ESMAR–Extended Study of Musicianship & Repertoire

Lorraine Alner, NCTM

Merit Certificates

OMTA Office

Nellie Tholen Grants for District Programs

Laura Davis

Participation Trophies

Lorraine Alner, NCTM

Sonatina Festival

Dr. Janet Pollack, Co-Chair
Marla Hansen, Co-Chair

Study Grants

Laura Davis


Fern McArthur, NCTM, Chair


Fern McArthur, NCTM

Restricted Funds Treasurer

Susan M. Todd, NCTM


Sarah Ball, NCTM

Grant Coordinator

Karen Huntsberger, NCTM, Chair


Dr. Harriet Wong, Chair


Andrew D'Antonio, NCTM, Chair

Nominating Commitee

Sarah Ball, NCTM, Chair

Parliamentarian & Legislative

Kathy Gault, Chair

Personnel & Contracted Services

Liz Willis, NCTM, Chair

Public Relations

Kristy Moore, Chair


Dr. Debra Sostrin


Talia Neely-Sanfilippo


Susan M. Todd, NCTM

Independent Music Teachers Forum

Holly Counts

OMTA Foundation

Terri Horn

Music Link

Annette Demsey, NCTM

University Liaison

Crystal Zimmerman, NCTM


Jeremy Hatch, Chair

Advertising Coordinator

OMTA Office

Music News Editor

Jeremy Hatch

Oregon Musician Editor

Dr. Diane Baxter, NCTM

Website Chair


Website Coordinator

OMTA Office


Barbara Roberts, NCTM, Chair

Adjudicator Training Chair

Crystal Zimmerman, NCTM

Adjudicator Confirmation Chair

Karen Huntsberger, NCTM

Adjudicator–New Applicants

Crystal Zimmerman, NCTM

Jazz Syllabus

Toby Koenigsberg

Level X Recital

Lacie L Mitts

Level X Awards

Irene Huang, NCTM

Repertoire Reference

Ellen McQuilkin, NCTM, Co-Chair
Liz Willis, NCTM, Co-Chair
Carol Ratzlaf, NCTM, Co-Chair
Dr. Matt Cooper, Co-Chair
Heidi Evans, NCTM, Co-Chair

Sight Reading

Alexis Gibbons, NCTM

Syllabus Scheduling

Cindy Peterson-Peart, NCTM

Syllabus Supplies

OMTA Office