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Grant Event – The Art of Memorization

First Congregational Church 1050 E 23rd Ave, Eugene, OR

Presenting District: Eugene Presenter: Dr. Michelle Huang Program Description: “I played through it without the music just fine before!” We have all been there. What makes someone a better memorizer than others? In this talk, we will look at the four different … Read more »

Grant Event – Stepping into the Light: Thoughts on Performance Anxiety

First United Methodist Church - Medford 607 W Main St, Medford, OR

Presenting District: Rogue Valley Presenter: Dr. Diane Baxter Program Description: Why are my hands cold and clammy? Why is my heart pounding? Did you just say something to me? No, I can't just relax! Performance anxiety is a complex topic that involves … Read more »

Grant Event – Tips for Terrific Technique

Studio of Carolee Harbour 1953 NW Lamont Ave, Roseburg, OR

Presenting District: Umpqua Valley-South Coast Presenter: Dr. Thomas Otten Program Description: Technique may seem like rocket science—but it’s really not! In today’s world, where we’re using our hands not only for piano playing but also for texting, typing at a computer, etc., … Read more »

Grant Event – The Sustainable Studio

Brookwood Library Community Room 2850 NE Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, Oregon

Presenting District: Hillsboro Presenter: Dr. Lisa Neher Program Description: Most music teachers experience burnout and overwhelm. How can we create and maintain a studio that is sustainable for our economic needs and our personal and family well-being? This presentation will offer … Read more »

Grant Event – Practice Smarter, Not Longer

Presenting District: Central Oregon Location: Studio of Melissa Farle, Bend, OR (Contact Melissa Barker for directions) Presenter: Dr. Lark Powers Program Description: This presentation will delve into fascinating research on how the brain learns and how this relates to music and practicing. Offering … Read more »