Oregon’s MTNA Competition Results

Oregon’s MTNA Performance Competitions were held at Portland State University on November 12. 70 students participated in 11 categories. It was a great day full of wonderful music from some of Oregon’s top student musicians. Congratulations to everyone involved on a very successful day and special thanks to PSU’s School of Music for providing the venue.

The winners or representatives in each competition will move forward to the Northwest Division Competition which consists of the winners from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. The winners from the Northwest Division Competition will go to Reno to compete at the MTNA National Conference in March. I hope you’ll join us at the conference in Reno to support these wonderful students. Register by December 5 for the early bird discount. Best of luck to our Oregon winners!

We’d like to congratulate the following students and their teachers:

Junior Piano
Winner — Alex Tran, student of Renato Fabbro

Alternate — Qingshan Li, student of Renato Fabbro

Honorable Mention

  • Byron Lau, student of Lilin Chen
  • Elizabeth Shen, student of Leslie Chen
  • Sophia Hong, student of Renato Fabbro

Junior String
Winner — Kaylee Nah (violin), student of Hae-Jin Kim

Alternate — Sabine Voelker (viola), student of Lillian Manis

Honorable Mention

  • Luke Denham (violin), student of Anthea Kreston
  • Emily Seo (cello), student of Hamilton Cheifetz

Junior Woodwind
Winner — Seojeong Huh (clarinet), student of Hyeyoung Jeong

Alternate — Jamie Chen (flute), student of Sandy Norman

Senior Piano
Winner — Nolan Tu, student of Renato Fabbro

Alternate — Claudio Chung, student of Linda Barker

Honorable Mention

  • Matthias Santucci, student of Janet Smith
  • Cyrus Ngan, student of Maria Garcia
  • Leo Trajano, student of Maria Garcia
  • Alexis Zou, student of Renato Fabbro

Senior Piano Duet
Winner — Hansen Berrett and Alexis Zou, students of Renato Fabbro

Alternate — Macy Gong and Safia Barmada, students of Momoko Muramatsu

Honorable Mention

  • Eliana Choi and Claudio Chung, students of Linda Barker

Senior String
Winner — Katie Liu (violin), student of Hae-Jin Kim

Alternate — Hanu Nahm (violin), student of Carol Sindell

Honorable Mention

  • Ellie Kim (violin), student of Carol Sindell

Senior Voice
Representative — Minntah Haefker, student of Angela Niederloh

Senior Woodwind
Winner — Victor Ceja (flute), student of Sandy Norman

Alternate — Emma Di (flute), student of Sandy Norman

Honorable Mention

  • Lauren Huber (flute), student of Sandy Norman

Young Artist Piano
Winner — Jun Yun, student of Alexandre Dossin

Alternate — Yan Shun Joseph Wong, student of Alexander Tutunov

Honorable Mention

  • Steven James, student of Alexandre Dossin

Young Artist String
Representative — Alfonso Keller-Casielles (violin), student of Anthea Kreston

Young Artist Woodwind
Representative — Jacob Thompson (flute), student of Sandy Norman

We’d also like to congratulate the winners of the Composition Competition, which was held earlier this fall. They will also go on to compete at the Northwest Division level competition.

Junior Composition
Winner — Elaina Stuppler, student of Grace Waites
Honorable Mention — Skye Neal, student of Grace Waites

Senior Composition
Winner — Charles Martin, student of Kristy Moore
Honorable Mention — Amir Avsker, student of Stephen Lewis

MTNA Performance Competition Committee
Dr. Julia Lee, Competition Chair
Susan Todd, NCTM, Junior Coordinator
Cindy Peterson-Peart, NCTM, Senior Coordinator
Will Chou, Young Artist Coordinator