COVID-19 Updates/Resources

MTNA Releases Advice for Reopening Your Studio

Please click below to read this June, 2020 document.

Legal FAQs for Reopening Music Studios


  • Audio issues teaching online? Here is one solution that might work for you:

    CLEAN FEED ( is a free online app, designed for high-quality online interviews. It works beautifully for music, too. The sound is realistic and smooth, no more annoying gaps, pauses, fast forwards, etc. Pianos actually sound like pianos rather than thudding, pitched drums.

    Although you still can’t play duets in real time, the other improvements are worth the extra fuss. Teacher and student will both need an external mic and earphones or earbuds (there are inexpensive options out there). To use Clean Feed, the teacher sends a separate link to the student prior to each lesson, then proceeds as usual for video connection with the student on Zoom or another platform, with its audio disabled (mic muted and sound muted).