Composition Festival Honored Composers

2022 was another fantastic year for young composers. Nine teachers and ten students participated in this year’s festival from the following districts: Eugene, Linn-Benton, Umatilla-Morrow and Tualatin-Valley.

Below you’ll find sixteen minutes of new music featured by these composers. Check this out, and recognize these students’ achievement and consider sharing the art of composition in your own studio.

Honored Composers:

  • Nolan Wattenburger, age 7, student of Sarah Milburn, Time Traveling (piano solo)
  • Ariana Hanson, age 8, student of Craig Hanson, Bunnies’ Adventure (piano solo)
  • Melody Proudfoot, age 10, student of Winifred Kerner, EvEryThing “E” EnsEmblE (ensemble)
  • Miranda Miranda, age 12, student of Phyllis Peterson, Las Tres Lunas (piano solo), *not included in online recital playlist
  • Valentina Gaspar, age 13, student of Laura Davis, Golden Firefly (piano solo)
  • Pearl Carter, age 14, student of Alexis Gibbons, Rue (piano solo)
  • Eden Enky, age 15, student of Sarah Milburn, Evening Dance (piano solo)
  • Corinna Lobscheid, age 17, student of Roseanne Smith, Perpetua (violin cello duet )
  • Jaden Larson, age 18, student of Heidi Evans, Prelude to the Wind in Bb Major (piano solo)
  • Mary Johnson-Armstrong, adult student, student of Paul Safar, The Quiet of Snow in Winter (piano solo)

Each honored composer is eligible to apply for the Regional Composition Celebration which then in turn recommends students to the National Composition Competition. The State Composition Book, consisting of all the honored composers’ sheet music will be available for our membership to purchase via hard copy for $7.00 plus $3.00 in postage. Contact Dianne Davis at 503-998-5220 or for your copy of this stellar new music.