Remaining 2020 Spring Syllabus Examinations Cancelled*

Syllabus Exams for April-May 2020 are cancelled. Exceptions will be made for high school seniors taking a Level X exam. Be on the lookout for an email from YOUR DISTRICT CHAIR about Leggiero registration for these graduates. The exams will be conducted through video-conferencing platforms.

All other exam levels, I recommend one of the two following options.

  1. For these two months only, the teacher may administer the exam in a lesson and count the point towards the Level X award. I encourage teachers to make the exam as official as possible with their room setup, utilizing the forms available below, and keeping track of the self-administered exams. These results will NOT be recorded in the OMTA office. Certificates may be obtained from your district chair, and leave the adjudicator line blank.
  2. Alternatively, the student may choose to wait until Fall 2020 to take the exam.

The Level X recital is cancelled for 2020 but awards & letters will still be mailed out.

The state chair is deluged with emails and would like to remind everyone that the best chain of communication is Parent-to-Teacher-to-District-Chair-to-State-Chair. As she works to try to find solutions that will meet the needs of thousands of students all over the state of Oregon, she asks for your patience and your understanding that this spring will not proceed along the normally scheduled programming.