Composition Festival Honored Composers

2021 was another fantastic year for young composers. Four OMTA districts provided a Composition Festival for 2021: Eugene, Linn-Benton, Tualatin Valley, and Umatilla-Morrow.

Linn-Benton, Tualatin-Valley, and Umatilla-Morrow districts had adjudicators choose honored composers to participate in our State Recital.  Below you’ll find twenty-five minutes of new music featured by ten students. Check this out and recognize these students’ achievement and consider sharing the art of composition in your own studio. It is amazing what our fabulous young composers have been up to during this year of pandemic restraints. 

Honored Composers in alphabetical order by last name:

  • 17 year-old Niah Andrus, Beneath the Surface taught by Karen Huntsberger, Tualatin-Valley 
  • 13 year-old Amaia Arismendi, Nostalgia taught by Lucy Watts, Linn-Benton 
  • 15 year-old Karter Arritt, The Revenge of the Cheeze taught by Sarah Milburn, Umatilla-Morrow 
  • 11 year-old Nolan Barber, Tremblin’ Trees taught by Heidi Evans, Tualatin-Valley
  • 16 year-old Aiden Dolan, Landscape taught by Sandra Coolen-Reitmeier, Linn-Benton
  • 13 year-old Liam Early, Sam the Snake taught by Phyllis Peterson, Umatilla-Morrow
  • 13 year-old Zoey Griffith, Rainwater taught by Sarah Milburn, Umatilla-Morrow
  • 12 year-old James Lee, Haywire taught by Heidi Evans, Tualatin-Valley
  • 13 year-old Corinna Lobscheid, Glistening Light taught by Rosanne Smith, Linn-Benton
  • 9 year-old Karlee Marks, Riverbank taught by Phyllis Peterson, Umatilla-Morrow

Each honored composer is eligible to apply for the Regional Composition Celebration which then in turn recommends students to the National Composition Competition. The State Composition Book, consisting of all the honored composers’ sheet music will be available for our membership to purchase in two ways: 1) A  digital copy for $2.50 and/or 2) a hard copy for $5.50 plus postage. Contact Dianne Davis at 503-998-5220  or for your copy of this stellar new music.